Pictures taken at my private English lessons.

Total 16 pictures


A picture of Rino-chan that Inoue-sensei gave me. It was taken on a holiday that celebrates children who are 3, 5, and 7 years old.


Before and after.


Natsuhara-Sensei's wife and baby.


From left to right, Mrs. Natsuhara, the English teacher's wife, her baby, me, The PE teacher and his wife and kid. I give Mrs. Natsuhara and Mrs. Inoue a weekly private English lesson.


The PE teacher, Inoue-sensei and his kid, Rino-chan. Her shirt had some Engrish on it, but the only part you can make out is "Foppery quad"... whatever that is.


Rino and Souta playing together. So cute.


Picture from my second private English lesson. From left to right, Mr. Natsuhara, the English teacher, his baby, me, and Mrs. Inoue, the PE teacher's wife, and her 3 year old, Rino. Rino's shirt is hilarious, see Engrish page 1.


Rino-chan playing with play-doh. She's barely old enough to speak Japanese, (just turned 3) and she already knows a few English words. She just might be my favorite person in Goshoura.


Right before dinner at the Inoue's house.


Rino-chan wearing my shoes.


Rino-chan and Inoue-san brought me a present for giving them English lessons.



This picture and the next two are from the first English lesson I had with my students outside class. We went to Poseidon restaurant to translate books, try to converse, and eat. We only really succeeded in eating, but we had lots of fun. They even gave us our own little room. All of the students who attended are from my 3rd year English elective class, meaning they actually choose to study English over other academic subjects. These were the students who sat on my left: Chinami, Shizuka, Kayo, and Kenji. Kenji is a bad-ass Taiko drummer, and Shizuka means "quiet" in Japanese.


Chihomi, Ikki, and Kazuya. Ikki was essential to getting anything done since Natsuhara-sensei, the English teacher, wasn't around. Ikki's English is much better than the other students.


Another shot of the table.


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